Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Whatsapp Emoticons

Whatsapp has added a wide range of emoticons that will be more varied. Whatsapp emoticons allow you to apply our feelings through pictures.

Whatsapp Emoticons

There are 6 sections on Whatsapp emoticons;
- Recent Emoticon; Emoticons is a collection of some commonly used emoticons. It will automatically go straight into it.

- Smile Emoticons; contains a set expression on the face, hands, and some of the fixtures women like bags, clothes and others.

- Flower Emoticons: Contains a collection of animals, plants and the moon.

- Ring Emoticons; contains a collection of speakers, stationery, musical instruments, cake and some fruits.

- Car Emoticons; Contains a collection of buildings, transportation and some of the state flag.

- Sign Emoticons; contains a collection of number signs, traffic, jam, and others.

1 comment:

  1. There are some flags but how can I add more flags to it. . like there is no flag of India in it.


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